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“I Chose Hope” – A Message from Christopher Emms

British citizen Christopher Emms became one of the FBI's "Most Wanted" after attending a cryptocurrency conference in the DPRK.
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Dear Friends,

By the time that this is published I will have departed The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having had the travel ban placed upon me at the request of The United States Of America lifted. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Ministry of Interior and The Office of Public Prosecution in The Kingdom of Saudi America for treating me with respect and for being willing to listen to my arguments throughout this process and above all to the people of KSA who have shown me such great kindness.

This has been the most trying 8 months of my life, I have so many people that I wish to thank, you all know who you are and I am deeply grateful. Indeed, I am deeply grateful to everyone who is reading this.

By now I will have arrived in The Russian Federation where I was granted a residency visa recently. Many of you may well be surprised that I have decided to seek entry and reside in Russia. Please allow me to explain my reasons.

Although I continue to profess my innocence against the allegations brought against me by The USA I feel that this witch hunt happening not just to me but to so many others within the cryptocurrency industry is just the tip of the iceberg.

We are seeing the decline of the hegemon. The decline of an empire that has ruled with impunity for the past 30 years with no significant challenge to its authority. An empire that has bred and festered war, pain and suffering on so many while its elites and those compliant with its ideology gain disproportionately to the rest.

Any of you that know me will know that my views on the current crisis in Ukraine are clear. We are now seeing in real time the collapse of the empire as its outposts fall away and are sacrificed in the futile effort to preserve the status quo. Anyone in The West who tries to tell you this is cancelled, banned, jailed or the new favourite method of persecution; sanctioned. Russia’s special military operation is by no means illegal under international law, it is a rational response of any major global power to significant threats to its national security. The Ukraine regime refused to abide by its international treaty obligations and continued to pose a significant threat to Russia’s national security, taking orders from their imperial overlords on the other side of the Atlantic. It is a conflict that is being fought as responsibly as possible, decreasing casualties as much as possible. If Moscow really wanted to cause full-scale devastation and destruction, they could do this, bringing the Ukrainian regime to its knees in a matter of hours. Armed conflict in any guise is horrible for people on either side and I hope that peace will soon be restored to The Ukraine, The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, who after all are brotherly people.

The emergence of this new world order, the so-called ‘multi-polar world’ may seem like a daunting prospect. I however believe that it has the potential to birth one element that is more powerful than anything, the one thing that every empire that has ever existed has never been able to destroy. That element is hope.

Hope for a free world, where trade is free, prosperity is free.

Hope for truth, the end to a media monopoly where truth takes pride of place.

Hope for peace, the demise of global unipolar autocracy bringing about an era of dialogue, understanding and cooperation across all seven continents.

Hope for the many, not the few, a new era of equal distribution of the world’s resources in order to benefit every person, the end of poverty and a new era of prosperity for every single human being.

Hope for Justice, an end to The Empire acting against The United Nations,The International Criminal Court and all other internationally recognised legal bodies. An end to the rules based order and a restoration of the supremacy of international law.

Hope for a Satoshi’s vision, a system that is borderless, sovereign, private and free.

I want to reside in Russia as I believe in working toward this goal.

I intend to dedicate my life to this cause in a more profound manner than I have in the past. I look forward to sharing updates with you regarding this shortly.

Yours with eternal gratitude,


Christopher Emms

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